People Of The Moon

People Of The Moon call themselves such and wear the crescent moon tattoo, fittingly inspired by the aggressive tribal-futuristic music of PUi founded by NC Shuva. This featurette captures only a few of the community members talking about their experience of being united and making friends through the power of art.


Art Revolution - www.ArtRevolution.com

Art Revolution is a platform empowering artists to make a living from their trade while championing the thriving artist mindset. NC Shuva, as the Artist Outreach Director is the leader of community culture and architects the social eco-sytem of the movement.

"Art To Heart" series are an immediate and intimate look into our artists and their art. NC Shuva conducts and produces these influencer facing interviews.


Art Of Coexistence - www.ArtOfCoexistence.com

A new kind of living space for the purpose driven - culture mavens, artists, solopreneurs, change makers, evolutionary futurists. 

At a time when the traditional ways of how people live, work and relate to one another are shifting on a global scale, this thriving space cultivates a community of thinkers and doers who are passionate about being an intentional part of an evolutionary culture — honoring the creative potential and interconnectedness.

Two floors of living space and a dedicated community floor strike the perfect balance of privacy and sharing.

The residential, tree-lined neighborhood of Bed-Stuy, 25 min train ride from the center of the matrix is the balance of quintessential residential life and urban accessibility.

Ritual Of The Moon

As the cultural ceremony of the "People Of The Moon" community inspired by the music of PUi, NC Shuva has organized and produced an on-going art+music events series called "Ritual Of The Moon".

The "Ritual Of The Moon" experiences have sold top-tier NYC venues such as Irving Plaza(2 nights back to back), The Gramercy Theater, Highline Ballroom and Webster Hall.

Elevate: A New Dream

An evening conversation series imagining an evolutionary future for a global civilization.